Mary Vincent Gallery

Vitaly Mikhailov

Vitaly Mikhailov was born in the Soviet Union on October 25, 1969. He is a uniquely versatile artist with original oil paintings in museums, government buildings and corporate collections throughout the world. Although he has become one of the most popular impressionistic artists in the United States, he has won accolades for his figurative and portrait works as well. He has oil paintings in places such as The Art Museum of Dneproptrosk, The United States Naval Academy, The Kansas City Design Center, The British Embassy, The Czech Republic Embassy and The Ischiev Musse and Galerie. Vitaly graduated from The Moscow University of Art and attended The Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute. He has followed in the footsteps of the Renaissance Masters.

Vitaly Mikhailov’s ability to create his paintings in almost any style and with any subject matter makes him uniquely versatile. He is a true renaissance artist following in the footsteps and going beyond the artists of the 15th and 16th centuries.


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