Mary Vincent Gallery

Sylvain Roberge

Quebec-born Canadian artist Sylvain Roberge stands out as a great visionary. His work is characterized by a color palette that is as varied as the scope of his themes, which are timeless but approached from a contemporary perspective, demonstrating a strong academic background that Roberge transcends through new experiences. After studying in Montreal and Toronto, the artist is exploring various plastic techniques to best reflect his current vision. He does not follow trends but perfects his style, creating remarkable works as time goes by.

The first step in each creation is careful and highly effective staging that reflects the multiple talents of this ever-curious artist: photography, design, lighting, and staging.

A passionate, intense, and determined artist, Roberge’s appeal lies in his intuitive approach to creation. His works, through their style, speed of execution, and technical mastery, evoke the artist’s high energy and meticulousness. The diversity of techniques used shows that Roberge constantly pushes the limits of his work and seeks to innovate. In a never-ending quest for new emotions, he devotes his life to his art.


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