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Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield, landscape painter and printmaker, was born in Orlando, Florida in 1947, and moved with his family to Oakland, California that same year. Growing up he thought he going to play pro-baseball.

In his sophomore year at Oakland High School, under the tutelage of his art teacher Jackie Jenson. He began painting and studying watercolor while still in high school. His art teacher recognized his very special talent and for nearly two years tutored Schofield privately to develop his talent in the watercolor medium.

After high school, Michael went into the military, and then on to art school in Nashville, Tennessee. During the summers, he studied with well-known watercolorist John Pike (a contemporary of Robert Wood) in Woodstock, New York. He soon opened his own art studio where he taught and painted for 12 years.

Schofield believes that art is fundamentally communication. He chooses to create more traditional landscapes because it is with this imagery that most people relate. It is imagery that evokes a memory and therefore a feeling. In this manner, the artist and those who live with his art share a common experience. As a successful artist for several years, Schofield's work can be found in many private and corporate collections.


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