Mary Vincent Gallery

Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic is a native of Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia. She attended Belgrade University where she studied landscape architecture. When hostilities arose in the region in the early 1990’s, she and her husband immigrated to Canada where they settled in Toronto. Pasagic admires the works of many different artists, but has a special appreciation for the works of Croatian painter Mersad Berber. She works the surface of her paper and canvas with a variety of traditional and innovative techniques. Depending on her mood and what is available in her studio, she can incorporate as many as a half dozen elements into each painting. Her technique involves a unique blending of bee’s wax and oil paint applied to paper, board or canvas. She often fuses paper and cloth into the pigments to create textures, and uses gold leaf and various gels and mediums to add unique antique effects. The paintings take on depth and mystery with a balanced tension between texture and form. The artist’s work is held in collections throughout Canada and the United States.

Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media


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